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Freshman Fears

Submitted by on May 30, 2014 – 2:30 pm



Junior Nick Becker caught redhanded bullying freshman Matt Sitter during class




“I was always scared of a freshman Initiation and how the upperclassmen were going to treat me,” said freshmen Chadelle Smith. Throughout the years of school, there is one major transition that almost every kid has to face. It is making the jump from 8th grade into freshman year of high school, and many kids tend to have a fear of what it will be like. Being a freshman can be very overwhelming from football practice to academics and navigating the high school itself, this years freshman expressed quite a few concerns about what they were scared of and how it actually was. Danny DiGiallonardo said “I was nervous about the football tackling circuit because compared to the juniors and seniors, I wasn’t very tall.”

Besides the difference in development, kids graduating out of middle school also have social fears. One of the most common problems that underclassmen have is worrying about judgement and what the upperclassmen think of them. Some also worry about not being able to compete in sports because of the amount of homework that they will have. They do not have the experience of juggling academics and school work at the same time.

Most upperclassmen can admit it, the first day of high school and being at the bottom of the food chain is nerve-racking, terrifying, and full of surprises. Everyone grows up watching cheesy teenage highschool movies and TV programs that show freshmen getting thrown into empty trashcans and their heads dunked into dirty toilets by the seniors. Many 8th graders have questions like, “What if I can’t make it class to class on time?”  “What if I get shoved into a locker and made fun of?”  “What if my schoolwork was harder than I expected?”.  The fact of the matter is that high school is not something to dread. It is an opportunity to prepare yourself for college that teaches you how to learn.