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March 22, 2019 – 2:04 pm | Comments Off on Reiners travels to state capital to discuss controversial topic

Julia Reiners is a junior at Polson High School and she placed 1st at the State Speech and Debate competition that was held in Belgrade, Montana. Reiners participated in Original Oratory with a speech about …

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STD Assembly

January 29, 2015 – 9:43 am | Comments Off on STD Assembly

Guest speaker Kelly Bagnell gave a speech about the danger of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to students this Thursday morning.  Female seventh and eighth grade students came up to the high school for the presentation, …

V-Day or D-Day?

January 28, 2015 – 3:25 pm | Comments Off on V-Day or D-Day?

There are always those people that enjoy a date with the couch and lots of chocolate on Valentine’s Day.  Teacher Cheaney Latimer says, “I plan on eating strawberries dipped in chocolate and watching lots of …

Stevi defeats PHS during overtime

January 28, 2015 – 3:19 pm | Comments Off on Stevi defeats PHS during overtime

Polson’s boy’s Varsity basketball team just barely lost after going into overtime at the last few seconds last night. The grueling last four minutes ended in a loss when a Stevensville player shot just five …

Montana National Guard sets up obstacle course

January 27, 2015 – 3:32 pm | Comments Off on Montana National Guard sets up obstacle course

Jamie Eastham; what music means to her

January 23, 2015 – 2:59 pm | Comments Off on Jamie Eastham; what music means to her
Jamie Eastham; what music means to her

Junior Jamie Eastham made her debut as a singer-songwriter at this year’s PHS Talent Show. She sang an original composition, “Forever by Your Side,” accompanied by acoustic guitar picking. Jamie ended up landing second place …

School Board Checking out the New Improvements

January 23, 2015 – 1:06 pm | Comments Off on School Board Checking out the New Improvements

School board members made their annual school visit on January 13.  Superintendent Linda Reksten accompanied three board members–Chairman Chanel Lake, members Tim McGinnis and John Triolo–on a visit to Polson High School to check out …

What is a vape?

January 23, 2015 – 12:55 pm | Comments Off on What is a vape?

What is a Vape?
A new trend in America has made it into Polson High School. Vaping is the new popular activity. A vape is an electronic cigarette that has a tank and a battery. Users …

Depression in Montana

January 23, 2015 – 11:36 am | Comments Off on Depression in Montana

We live in a state where approximately 39,000 of our 1 million adults live with a serious mental illness, along with about 10,000 children, with the most in western Montana. Montana is also ranked third …

Cramming for finals!

January 23, 2015 – 11:33 am | Comments Off on Cramming for finals!
Cramming for finals!

Sophomore Sophie Speckert indulged in some “last minute cramming” at lunch on the first day of final testing. She was studying for her Spanish 2 final which was one of her five final exams. Flipping …

Happy Birthday, Debi!

January 23, 2015 – 11:27 am | Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Debi!