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Jamie Eastham; what music means to her

Submitted by on January 23, 2015 – 2:59 pm
Second place winner Jamie Eastham performs an original song at the 2014 PHS Talent Show

Jamie Eastham performs an original song at the 2014 PHS Talent Show

Junior Jamie Eastham made her debut as a singer-songwriter at this year’s PHS Talent Show. She sang an original composition, “Forever by Your Side,” accompanied by acoustic guitar picking. Jamie ended up landing second place in the competition and won a fifty-dollar prize. The success came as a pleasant surprise to Jamie.

It wasn’t the first time she had planned on performing in the talent show. Jamie tried out and earned a slot in the talent show her freshman year back in 2012. Unfortunately three days before the show she contracted a voice-deteriorating sickness. It was “one of the worst colds” she’d ever had. The cold inevitably rendered her feeling too worn down to perform and unable to even speak on the day of the show.

Although she didn’t get to perform in front of her high school that year, others, such as former PHS guidance counselor Jesse Yarbrough, already knew of her talents. “She would’ve won and taken the whole show had she performed,” said Yarbrough. Jamie blushed at hearing this.

It was made clear at the show just how talented this girl was; however, she didn’t know it herself until a few years ago. Although Jamie has been taking piano lessons from the age of four, she didn’t “really discover” her talent until age twelve. “I heard a little tune in my head and decided to play it out on the piano.” Twenty hours later it was a four-minute long composition.

But it’s not all about reception of her musical abilities because, for Jamie, her music is mainly a way for her “to be expressive” as though she is “talking through the piano or guitar.” These self-expressions through music may have been a result of her childhood. Jamie grew up in a household with seventeen siblings. Being the youngest of her siblings by over ten years, Jamie felt that she never had anyone to connect with or talk to. “I became, well, introverted,” Jamie said. Music provided Jamie with that missing connection. Whether it was on the piano or guitar or mandolin Jamie felt she could say what she “wanted to say for so long but had to hold it back.” Now, music provides her a way to express herself. “It’s an outlet for me. I feel like I’m talking through the piano. I love writing music, so whenever I feel emotional or sad I express it on the piano.”