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Lady Pirates end season with overtime defeat

Submitted by on March 6, 2015 – 3:19 pm
Skyla Krantz tied the score at the end of fourth quarter which caused the game to go into overtime.

Skyla Krantz making the free throw that tied the game and triggered overtime. Skyla made four consecutive free throws at the end of game at the end of the fourth quarter.

The Lady Pirates traveled to Whitefish on Thursday, February 26,  for the Northwest Class A Divisional Basketball Tournament of 2015. They lost their first game against Whitefish on Thursday and didn’t play again until Saturday. The Saturday game against Libby started off slow. The teams exchanged the lead a few times in the first half, and after halftime the scores got closer. At the start of the fourth quarter, the teams were tied 20-20 and throughout the last quarter, each team performed exceptionally well. With 3:53 left in the fourth quarter, Libby and Polson were tied 28-28. With 2:42 left, the two teams were still tied 28-28. With forty seconds left, Libby pulled ahead by 2 points. Skyla Krantz helped Polson tie the score by making two free throws. With thirteen seconds left, Libby was ahead 32-30. Again, Skyla Krantz helped the team by making two more free throws, tying the final score 32-32.

With 2:42 left in overtime, Polson took the lead 34-32. Within twenty seconds, the two teams were tied again. With 1:44 seconds left in the fifth quarter, Libby pulled ahead by two points (36-34), and with fifty seconds left, they scored two more points leaving the score at 38-34. Many shots were attempted during the last fifty seconds, including free throws and three pointers, but the only basket made was a Libby free throw. They won 39-34. This ended the season for the Lady Pirates.

This was a building year for the Lady Pirates, so three freshman traveled as alternates to the tournament. All three–Quinn Motichka, Kaelyn Smith, and Kyler Lundeen– played basketball through middle school, along with other sports. Though the girls didn’t get much playing time at tournament, they experienced being a part of a high school varsity team.

“I think the girls did really good at divisionals” said Kaelyn Smith. “I could see an improvement from the beginning of the season to now.” Kaelyn also played basketball in middle school. “I saw a huge difference in the teams from seventh and eighth grade to high school.” Kaelyn also plays volleyball and softball, which she also played in middle school.

“Being a member of the varsity team my freshman year was nice and got even better towards the end of the season when I began to be more involved,” said Quinn. “Since there were so few  people it was easier to become well known to each other.” Quinn also played on the varsity team with cross country and she is going to play softball in the spring. “I think our team played well through the season, and we played better at divisionals than I thought we would.”