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PHS Pep band welcomes former student back for a night

Submitted by on March 6, 2015 – 3:00 pm
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Hannah Madsen, former PHS student, plays alongside Polson’s pep band once again at divisionals in Whitefish.

Pep band plays a key role in keeping up the school spirit at events for PHS–whether it be a pep rally, homecoming, or, in last weekend’s case, the divisional basketball tournaments. The band traveled all the way to Whitefish in support of the Pirates last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. They played songs such as the classics Tequila, Low rider, YMCA, and Fight song, as well as new pop songs like Fancy and Uptown Funk. The songs weren’t the unique thing about the band that night, though.

Hannah Madsen, a Polson student that recently moved to Whitefish, attended the game not only to support the pirates but to play the saxophone alongside her former band mates.  “I loved playing in our pep band because Mr. Sawyer is the coolest,” she said. “So i decided to seize the opportunity and play with them again!” Hannah came well prepared, already knowing Polson’s “Fight Song” by heart. “I felt right at home again, playing for Polson.”Despite some light teasing from friends at Whitefish, the school was fine about Hannah playing with Polson that night.

“Yeah, they teased me a little, but it was definitely worth it!”

While she is enjoying Whitefish, Hannah misses everyone in Polson.

“I really miss my friends, the teachers and principals. I didn’t realize until I left how great the school’s staff is!”

Overall, things went well last Saturday night and they are going well for Hannah also. Just because she no longer goes to Polson doesn’t mean she is any less of a pirate.

“I love Polson, I love that band, and I loved reconnecting.”