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Polson High School Cheer

Submitted by on March 6, 2015 – 3:07 pm

By: Faith Olson

The cheerleaders perform a lift-routine in front of the PHS student section.

The cheerleaders perform a lift-routine in front of the PHS student section at the game in Whitefish.

Last weekend was divisionals for the cheer team and the boys and girls basketball
team. The cheer team set up a divisional routine for the half-time show; the
girls worked extremely hard on it and actually did very well. The girls spent
one month practicing for the divisional. Gracie Reiley said, “Cheer is a lot harder
than what people think I feel like we don’t get enough credit from the kids
from our school and teachers because most people don’t think cheer is a ‘sport’
they think all we do is cheer and it doesn’t take any work or effort, when in
reality we work very hard every weekend.” They have 6-hour long practices weekends and one-hour long practices on weekdays. The cheer leaders work on setting up new dances, new cheers and are able to complete them all by the next home game.

Gracie Reiley has been cheering for one year; she is a freshman and one of the flyers. Gracie said, “This year’s cheer team was decent but last year they were a little better because the seniors were more advanced because they had all four years to build up their skill level.” They spent 7 hours for 3 days practicing the dance for the divisional; the three flyers are Gracie, Liz, and Katie. Liz and Grace are the two freshman. Gracie said “In the end our divisional team did very well and it was a successful season.” The cheerleading season is over and they will start up again when tryouts are posted for the next season.