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Polson High School going for Olympic Gold

Submitted by on May 22, 2015 – 9:29 am


Special Olympics allows kids to participate in sports who might otherwise not get the chance. There are fourteen events, and students from Polson will participate in aquatics, track and field, bowling, and golf. The students are allowed to do two sports each.

Wednesday will be golf and ramp bowling, with Robbie Hayes participating in golf and Fayth Fallat and Kiya Kelly with ramp bowling.

The next day is aquatics and bowling. Participating in aquatics is Fayth Fallat, Dothan Stene, Rochelle Farnsworh,John Bakerstreet, Montana Susoeff, Chris Alexander, and Kiya Kelly. The students bowling are Chance Hoover, Paul Nield, and Robbie Hayes.

On Friday they will finish with track and field with Dothon Stene, Rochelle Farnsworth, John Bakerstreet, Montana Susoeff, Chris Alexander, Chance Hoover, and Paul Nield. Recently they went to the local event which they could earn ribbons. Now they’re headed to earn a medal at state.

This year the Special Olympics is being held in Missoula, where it’s held every twelve years. If any of the students earn a medal they are allowed the option to go to nationals. One way they raised money this year was a photo booth with props. The team heads off Wednesday, May 20,  and comes back Friday, May 22. Make sure to support and cheer on our fellow students as they go for gold.