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2018 Career Day

Submitted by on May 3, 2018 – 2:33 pm

Liz also talking to Ms.Kelly’s 2nd period class. She is telling them about how she became a banker.

On Monday 23, 2018 differents careers from all around Polson came to speak to classes about their job. There were different jobs in almost every class throughout the whole day. They talked to students about their background, and about what it takes to get started into the career they are in.

In Miss. Kelly’s second period class, Shad, Liz, and Linda came in from First Interstate Bank to talk to the students about their job. They explained to them about their background, why they are doing what they are, and what it takes to be a banker. They also explained to them about saving and checking accounts, and why they should get them. They also showed the students counterfeit money and checks, to let them see the difference in real money and fake money.

Right before the bell was going to ring, they had the students play a game to win a prize. Shad has a coin in his hand, and everyone had to stand up and predict whether the coin was going to be head or tails. They did this by putting their hands on their head on heads, and behind their back for tails. If you guessed wrong you had to sit down. The last one standing won the prize. Cody Merritt happened to be the last one standing. He won a cooler full of money for guessing correctly.

It was very interesting to hear about the different jobs, and gave a lot of students an ideas of a career they might be interested in.   

Linda from First Interstate Bank is also talking Miss.Kelly’s 2nd period. She explains to them what she does, and why she is a banker.  

Shad from First Interstate Bank talking to Miss.Kelly’s 2nd period class. He is telling them a little about his background of becoming a banker.

Cody Merritt looking in his new cooler. They had them play a game to win a prize. The last one standing was Cody.

Miss Kelly’s class taking a group photo. They took a photo with the First Interstate guest speakers to thank them for coming. Charlee Cote

Megan Stark, a librarian, came in to talk about her career path to Mrs. Venters’ first period class. She told her story of going to Polson High School, and got degrees in Montana, Oregon, and Washington. She says “When I was a freshman in highschool I never would have imagined myself ending up as a librarian.” Bella Farrier

Casey Ryan, a hydrologist, talked about his career path in Mr. Sitter’s second period class. He told his story of going to Hellgate High school, and finished college at the University of Montana with a degree in geography and hydrology. He says “Nothing could beat getting paid to be outside [with the wildlife] and taking in the views of the Montana landscape,” he explains after someone asks what it’s like working in the field of hydrology. Bella Farrier

Matthew, a senior hydrologist,  told his story of going to Two Eagle High school, and doing various internships working with wildlife. Eventually, he got a degree in wildlife biology, taught himself about hydrology, and is now a lead hydro gopher for CSKT. He says “If you enjoy being out in nature, becoming a hydrologist could be for you. I highly recommend it.”Bella Farrier

 On April 23rd,  Polson High School held a career connection day. People from around the U.S, all with different career journey’s and backgrounds, joined together at the high school to speak to the student. Mr. Dunn, a science teacher at Polson High, had Flathead lake research specialist, Phil Matson.  Phil Matson has worked at the Flathead lake Biological station for 16 years. Matson spoke passionately of his work and called this generation, the “Future leaders.”

Matson speaking passionately about his job.

Students in Mr. Dunn’s 1st period biology class listening to Matson. Spring Johnston

Hailey Bisengger, a sophomore at Polson High, asks Matson questions about his work

Misty Tenas

Susan Evans spoke in her daughter’s classroom on April 23rd for Polson’s career day. Evans told the class about her life journey and how she became a Bank manager, along with how she had to do everything by hand because there was no computers at the time. Evans spoke passionately about banking and how much she loved her job. Her bright and humorous interactions with the class was similar to her daughter’s, Mrs. Anderson, who is a math teacher at Polson High.

Evans introducing herself to Mrs. Anderson’s 2nd period class.

Susan Evans telling the class about her history.

Evans and her daughter, Mrs. Anderson, a teacher at polson, show the class type of work Evans had to do as a banker. Spring Johnston

On April 23, 2018, Betsy Wade (guidance counselor) set up a day for experienced workers to talk to the student body about their career path. Nathan Cantlon who was one of the speakers in Mrs. Anderson’s classroom, happened to share his journey in how he became a Design Engineer at Rocky Mountain Twist. During his presentation, Nathan displayed several tools for his job as well as the history behind the tools.

Nathan Cantlon talking to the student’s in Mrs. Anderson’s class.

Sophomores Gwenevere Reese and Joshua Young listening on Nathan Cantlon. Naima Crowl

Career Connection Day: A day when over fifty people from the community took time out of their busy lives to give back to the students at PHS.

Ira Brown, presenting to Mr. Quinn’s Anatomy and Physiology classes, talked about his experiences as a physical therapist at St. Joseph Medical Center in Polson. Brown’s career path wasn’t always so straight, however. He attended college and received a degree as a Missionary, because he decided that following his faith seemed like a good path at the time. After college, however, he started his own construction business. Brown had to learn how to not only manage a group of employees, but had to insure that the quality of workmanship was up to standard.

Ira Brown answers a student’s question during his presentation to Mr. Quinn’s first period Anatomy and Physiology class.

Years later, after marrying and starting his family, Brown decided to return to college; this time, in pursuit of a degree in Physical Therapy. He then took a job as a traveling PT. He would spend 10-12 months in one place before receiving a new contract and traveling to another hospital in need of a physical therapist. Eventually settling in Polson, he now works as the manager of the Physical Therapy department and oversees the care of hundreds of patients.

Brown encouraged students to “be versatile” with their career goals. Stating that students shouldn’t “get their hearts set on one career, because they’ll miss out on other opportunities.”

Mr. Quinn (left) listens to Ira Brown’s (right) varied career path. Charmayne Morrison

Sargent First Class Shawn Burland speaking to Mr. Paskey’s 6 period class about his two deployments to Iraq. Burland is dressed in his Blues uniform. “I thought since I was coming to talk to you guys today, I needed to look a little professional,” said Burland, laughing.

Sargent First Class Shawn Burland speaking to Mr. Paskey’s 6 period class about his first development over to Iraq in 2004. Sargent Burland retired from the Montana National Guard after 27 years of service. “The first deployment to Iraq was hard because I missed the birth of my son,” said Burland during his presentation.

Sargent First Class Shawn Burland showing Mr. Paskey’s 6 period class pictures from his first deployment to Iraq. Burland spent a total of fifteen months away from home. “It was hard getting adjusted to the time change and the climate in Iraq,” said Burland. Shawntaya Burland

Colin Watson flew from Seattle to present at Mr. B. Owens second period class about his experience working on big league companies as Amazon, Microsoft and Dell as a Coding Engineer . When I asked him what was the reason he came he said “I was from a small town too, and my perspective of life was not much, until I stared going and traveling. I just want to show students the opportunities are out there.” Omar Perez

Logan Klein and Jimmie Rude came to Polson High School on April 23, 2018 for Career Day. They talked about the job services and what they do, as well as what things you need to do to be able to get a job. They also explained what kind of applications you would need to fill out for a particular job. They told us that most jobs require a similar application to be filled out and given to the job’s manager, they also said that most applications are online.

Logan Klein Helps Jimmie Rude on Career Day to explain about the job services, at Polson High School. They both explain about how to fill out a job application as well as what form you need to fill out for what job. Career Day was both educational and interesting.

Jimmie Rude helps Logan Klein explain about job services on Career Day at Polson High School. They explain how to fill out a job application as well as what application you need to fill out. Career Day was very interesting as well as educational. Anthony Webber