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BOG accomplishes core/flex schedule change

Submitted by on February 21, 2019 – 2:33 pm

PHS implements new schedule change, moving core/flex period from between 2nd and 3rd, to after 4th and before lunch, and on Fridays having the ability to leave instead of staying for care/flex. The Student Body President, Nico River, and Vice President, Davis Smith are behind the schedule change “ I did it for the good of the school, a lot of kids told me that they wanted it. A lot of seniors want more freedom on their lunchtime, the freshman would like to be able to enjoy longer lunchtimes and going out more. So it’s not so much that as a personal preference just a much trying to listen to my constituents and give them what I campaigned on and give them what I promised them,” Davis Smith on the reason for the transition. Remarking that this was promised during his campaign for office.

Principal Hamilton on the subject, “Student autonomy is good, students have a choice in what we’re doing in our school is important, so hopefully it’s a good change, core/flex is a benefit in general, I think there are the same benefits if core/flex is after 4th. So having kids coming to me from [the] Board of Governors (BOG), telling me they thought the schedule change would benefit us, coming to school, showing up and doing our homework, if we could get out of school Friday for lunch, so I agreed, and I don’t see any downfalls other than skipping.

However, some students like juniors, Misty Tenas, and Ellie Ayers are skeptical, “I think it could be beneficial, but also I feel that I liked it was kind of annoying because I was super hungry after 4th period, but I had to wait 25 minutes, it was kind of annoying. Also, I like to do all my homework during core/flex before my AP classes,” said Ellie ”And like everyone lined up at the entrance of the school waiting for lunch who weren’t in a core class, I also feel that it’s awkward because you’ve already had 4 periods, and it might not be that beneficial,” said Misty. The first two weeks are supposed to be a trial period, to test if this new change will be beneficial to the school or not, it’s up to the students and their behavior if this schedule will stay.