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Administration scrambles to find a new principal

Submitted by on February 28, 2019 – 2:33 pm

The Administration still hasn’t chosen the next principal, this year our principal, Mr. Hamilton, was just an interim principal, meaning that the position would be open after the end of the school year and Mr. Hamilton would have to reapply for the job. The hiring process included a panel of teachers the human resources director; Carl Elliott; Mr. Sampson; and Mr. D, the curriculum coordinator, who interviewed three candidates, Mr. Hamilton being one of them. The selection process chose a candidate, with Mr. Hamilton as their second choice.
However, their first candidate turned down the job, leaving the administration to choose another. Wednesday, February 27, the superintendent, Mr. Weltz, met with the teachers at a staff meeting, and according to teachers, he stressed their third choice also took another job and Mr. Hamilton was their second choice. And rather than offering Mr. Hamilton the job, Mr. Weltz said that he feels he owes the people the best candidate that we can find, and he now wants to be sure, with everyone knowing, that they have the best candidate and so he asked the staff to email him their opinions about hiring Mr. Hamilton.
“It is an unusual process that I’m not used to, but I think it’s a good process to know what staff is feeling as well, I don’t think it’s a bad idea,” said Mr. Hamilton. “It is tough because I like it here, I mean I love the kids here; they’re awesome,” said Mr. Hamilton on the hiring process, but he also understands, “This is a lot of change for kids and staff it’s hard, so to find somebody that’s going to be here for the next ten years, I think they need to invest some time into it.” While it may be an odd way to choose a principal, Mr. Hamilton remains hopeful and has many plans for the future“I have things we could try to get more kids excited about going to school, being part of a team it’s one of my top priorities, that’s if I was selected for the job.” The final decision regarding the job position will be Friday, March 1.