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To be a snow day, or not to be?

Submitted by on February 28, 2019 – 2:11 pm

Snow days are every high school student’s favorite days. All students hear the words in the hallways, “ Today should have been a snow day.” Snow Days are not just determined by how much snow is on the ground, according to Mr. Jay Sampson. “Mr. Weltz, the superintendent, keeps in touch with the local police department, the county snow plows, and the city and makes a call from there.” What the main decision maker is how fast the roads could be cleared for the school bus routes and routes students come into school from. “The thing is, it could be super icky in one place, but not so bad in another,” adds Mr. Sampson. Also, ice is a big factor. The difference maker between two-hour delays and snow days is how fast the county can get out and plow the roads for a safe trip to school. Mr. Weltz is the man who decides what happens with snow days and two-hour delays.

This school year was the first year the administration had a “built-in” snow day into our schedule, “I think we’re okay now, but another one could cause us to make them up, but having a snow day is strictly a safety precaution,” stated Mr. Sampson.

Alex Wall, a senior, hates driving in the winter weather, “After a bad snowfall, I don’t think it’s reasonable to have us drive on the bad roads, even though the roads are plowed there’s still plenty of ice built up. I know many of us have gotten stuck or went into a ditch on our way to school.” During this week of school, approximately 15 to 20 people call in stuck in one day according to Megan Lund, the attendance keeper. “February 26, the day we had a two-hour delay, was the worst day for calling in saying they were stuck. I had three pages full of people calling in late, or calling in all together.” Driving in winter weather is dangerous, but the school administration tries its best to keep us safe.