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Spring Sports Run in

Submitted by on March 18, 2019 – 1:56 pm


Alex Wall runs a 100m dash during a 2018 divisional track meet. The track meet was held at Polson, and the team placed sixth.

“Track is an outlet for me during the spring. It makes me get my life together for a second, and do something I truly enjoy,” Alex Wall explains. Track along with other spring sports started on March 11 with plenty of snow still piled up on the ground.

Alex Wall is one of the many seniors participating in a spring high school sport. He participates in track, but the season didn’t just start on Monday for senior Alex Wall, it started almost three months ago, “ I [started] working out in the mornings with Mrs. Withrow three times a week, doing things like lifting and cardio. I also started a diet and don’t eat sugar for about a month before just to get the ball rolling.” Alex also had a season-ending injury to his collarbone during soccer. It happened during one of the first games of the season and wasn’t able to recover to be able to play in the state championship with his team, “it’s going to be nice to actually have a senior season after what happened in soccer.”

The student-athletes are ready for spring, but the weather is not with snow and cold temperatures. Track practice and many others are being held in the high school gym until the snow melts, “it sucks this year that we won’t be outside for the first part [of the season] because now it’ll just take longer to get back into the track feel,” says Alex.

According to another senior athlete, Mikaela DuCharme, the team is getting together this Saturday, March 16, and doing a “snowball rolling activity” to try and help clear the track of snow. The track cannot be shoveled because that might damage the tar. Other sports teams are removing snow too. Tennis has been working hard the last week or two to shovel snow off their courts. The team’s first meet is only two weeks of practice away, and with all the snow it could be canceled. The meet would be held in Corvallis, but they have been hit with record-breaking snowfall, which could impact this meet and their spring sports teams as well.

“This year’s team should be really good considering we have a lot of young talent with experience,” states Alex, “We also have our two returning state champions.”  The two returning state champions are Bea Frissell and Quinn Stewart. Bea has broke records and placed first in both the 1600m and 3200m at last year’s state track meet. Stewart placed first in the 800m, also at last year’s state track meet.  “This year’s coaching staff is going to be really helpful with Withrow returning for her third year. She is definitely a really great coach,” says Alex. “Coach Bonner and Donahue were both really well-rounded athletes throughout their career and they will immensely help with the team and their knowledge of the sport and experience.”

Alex runs the 100m, 200m, 400m, and both relays, the 4×4 and 4×1. He has been doing track since 6 grade, participating every year. Alex said, “my favorite thing about track is coming around that last corner on the 4×4 [relay] and then you see everyone is sitting there cheering you on to that finish line. I also enjoy spending time with Mik and Mo.” Track started in March for Alex and many other senior athletes. This marks the beginning of their last high school sports season.