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The Salishian’s mission is to serve both the community and the students and staff of Polson High School.

  • The Salishian is distributed free to over 5,000 people as an insert in the Lake County Leader.
  • The Salishian is the best way to reach parents of students as well as students themselves.
  • The Salishian provides accurate news and entertaining features, with an emphasis on stories that help the community understand itself by being informed about issues, trends, events, and people that affect life here.

The Salishian strives to be truthful, dignified, and factual in news coverage. The Salishian will provide a forum for student writers to present interesting and factual material from various viewpoints. By maintaining professional ethics of accuracy and fairness, the staff will produce a paper that upholds the strong traditions of excellence at Polson High School.


Ad Rates = $3 per column inch (a column is about 2 inches wide)

4 col inches:  (2 columns wide x 2 inches tall) $12 (no discounts)
1/4 page:  15 column inches (3 columns wide by 5 inches tall $45 ($40 with multi-issue discount
1/2 page: 30 col inches (6 columns wide x 5 inches tall) $90 ($80 with mulit-issue discount)
Full page: 60 col inches (6 column inches wide x 10 inches tall)  $180 ($140 with multi-issue discount)

To order an ad, please send us a completed copy of our ad contract:

Salishian Ad Rates-Contract

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